Canadian Cur

The Canadian Cur dog breed is relatively new one as it was developed by two Canadian hunters, David Rodgers and Larry Smith, in 1980s. The aim was to produce an intelligent dog with sufficient stamina to track and tree raccoons successfully. Border Collie and English Pointer were chosen as foundation stock. The best of the resulting puppies for several generations were selected. Later on, Busher and Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs, and a Leopard Cur were added to the cross.
The Canadian Cur is a medium size dog with slightly longer than tall body. It has a broad head with moderate muzzle. Ears are dropped and medium size eyes are set wide apart. Well muscled and slightly arched neck blends smoothly into shoulders. The dog has broad and level back and moderately tucked-up belly. The chest is wide and well-filled to give the dog maximum stamina. Long legs enable the dog to achieve great speeds when hunting.
Though this hardy dog was produced initially to hunt raccoons, it soon displayed its great skills to hunt other query like boar, bear, dear, coyote and squirrels.
This breed is not recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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