Cane Corso Italiano

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed that is valued highly in Italy as a guardian, hunter and companion. It is a descendant from the old Roman Molossian formerly scattered all over Italy. The name was derived from the Latin 'cohors' meaning protector and guardian of the farmyard. The word Corso in the breed's name is a characteristic of the dog to be strong and vigorous. Today, the breed is used for protection, guarding, tracking and police work.

These dogs love children that they sometimes allow them to any pranks and mischief. This giant dog will never push or drop a baby in the heat of joy as he is perfectly aware of his power and abilities. He will literally try not to breathe to protect the baby and cannot afford to make sudden movements. This dog is extremely responsive and agile. They are used to guard the family, livestock and property. Long ago, they were used for herding cattle and hunting big game.

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