Canis Panther

The Canis Panther is relatively new and rare dog breed that was developed in early 1970's by three Americans Michael Stratton, Lucas Lopez and Cleotha "Scorpio" Jones, in an attempt to produce 'The Ultimate Pet Protector. It was developed by cross breeding of Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Black Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Canis Panthers are well muscled and strong dogs with wide chest and jaw. Their ears are cropped and tail docked and the rear dew claws are removed. Their fur is short. Colors include Black, Chocolate, Fawn/Buckskin, Blue/Gray. Canis Panthers are solid in color. The dog stands between 24-30 inches and weighs 100-140 lbs.

This dog is NOT recognized by any major kennel society or club.

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