Caravan Hound

The Caravan Hound is also known by other names such as Mudhol Hound, Lahori Pashmi and Pisuri Hound. Originating in the Deccan Plateau of Western India, this rare breed outside its place of birth is believed to be the result of cross breed between different hound breeds like Saluki and Afghan Hound, brought in the area by the Arabs, Afghans, Pathans, Persians and Mangols through Khyber Pass when coming to India.

The dog is tall and light with a height between 26-29 inches. The Caravan Hound should convey an impression of a beautifully balanced conformation of muscular power, grace and symmetry. The body is capable of great speed and endurance, coupled with strength to capture its query over deep sand or rocky mountains.

The head is wedge-shaped, long and narrow with a moderately wide skull between the ears coupled with a tapering muzzle. Eyes are oval shaped and set obliquely. Color ranges from black to hazel. Nose is large and may be black or silver coloured. Ears are moderate in size and hang close to the skull. The neck is long and muscular. Forelegs are straight and well-boned while hind quarters appear wide and muscled. Back is long, broad and well-muscled with wide and deep loin and strong and deep chest. The belly is tucked in. Tail is strong at the base, set low and carried in a natural curve. The coat comes in two varieties; the smooth variety which has fine and close coat without feathering and the feathered variety which has a coat of silky texture, featuring feathering on the ears, legs, back of the thighs, between hock and heel and underside of the tail. All colours or combination of colours accepted.

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