Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog is a naturally selected or landracer dog that was discovered roaming around and living as wild dog in remote areas of Southern Carolina by Dr. Lehr J. Brisbin. It is also called the American Dingo, the Dixie Dingo, the Southern Dingo, the Native American Dog, the Indian's Dog or just O'll Yaller Dog. This is a medium size resembles a Jack or a Wolf with features of small sighthound. The head is wedge-shaped with pointed ears, long muzzle and dark, almond shaped eyes. It has a medium length straight back with strong and narrow chest. Neck is strong. Tail is thick and can hang low or curl in a hook. Overall the dog had a ruggedly handsome look. The dog stands between 17-24 inches and weighs between 30-44 lbs.

This breed was accidentally discovered by Dr. Lehr J. Brisbin, a senior research ecologist, while working at the Savannah River site. He saw a number of stray dogs roaming around. On hunch, he went to the pond and was astonished to see so many dogs with remarkable resemblance to the dingoes.

The physical appearance of the dog suggests a breed created by and preserved through natural selection to survive in the remote lowland swamp and forestland regions of Southestern United States.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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