Carpathian Sheepdog

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Breed group:     Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , ,


Size: Large     Weight: 77-110 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black & Brown, Black & White, Gray / Salt & Pepper


Life Expectancy: 12-14 years    Rarity: Common    Availability: Easily available    Climate: Not good for warm climate.

Breed Details


<p>The Carpathian Sheepdog (also known as Rumanian Sheepdog) is a large, massive and imposing breed of dogs from Romania that is nimble, vigorous, agile and never heavy. A well appreciated sheepdog throughout the country of origin, the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was selected from an endemic breed present in the Carpatho-Danubian area. For centuries the principle criteria for selection has been utilization, this dog having conserved its character intact to the present day. For centuries, this dog has been used by shepherds of Carpathian mountains as herding dog to defend their cattle as well as an excellent guard dog.

The dog has a wolf-like head (Lupoid type) with a strong and slightly cone shaped muzzle and large, wide black nose. Almond-shaped slightly oblique and moderately sized eyes are dark brown in colour. Ears are tri-angular, of moderate size and round at the tips. They are set slightly higher than eyeline. Medium length neck is very strong and muscled. The body is rectangular, the croup is broad, slightly sloping, the chest is large and deep, the shoulder long and slightly sloping. Sexual dimorphism is well defined, the males should be taller and stronger than the females. Tail is set rather high, busy with abundant coat. It is carried low when the dog is at rest. The dog has harsh and coarse outer coat with a dense and soft undercoat. This dog displays wolf-grey colour with lighter shades on laterally and darker on the back. Small amount of white markings is allowed.


The Carpathian Sheepdog comes in sand colour with different shades. Lighter shades are displayed on sides and darker shades over the body. White markings are allowed but should not be too much.


The breed has a double coat that is short, harsh and abundant with a soft and dense undercoat. The moderately long coat is abundant all over the body except legs and head.


Intelligent, jolly, brave and well-balanced, the Carpathian Sheepdog is a true guardian of cattle. It is very loyal and courageous when it comes to protecting its cattle or master. The dog is said to counter bears in an attempt to save its flock. It is docile, friendly and submissive to its master and family but wary of stranger. It makes an excellent watch and guard dog. It has a playful nature and is kind and gentle to children. The dog enjoys playing with children. Calm and even-tempered, the dog makes very good family pet with proper socialization and training.


Bred to be an outside working breed, the coat of Carpathian Sheepdog is self-cleaning. It occasionally needs to be brushed.


It is a submissive and docile dog to its owner and should not pose much of a problem when training.


This dog needs lots of space to run and play. Long daily walks should also be provided to this dog as well as large open area for it to play and roam as it likes.

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