Chi Apso

The Chi Apso dogs are result of cross breed between a Chihuahua and a Lhasa Apso purebreds and they are called hybrid or designers dogs. They are very lively, fun-loving, friendly, spunky and gentle sweet dogs. They are similar in body size to Lhasa Apso but have golden brown coat of Chihuahua as well as face and ears.

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Carolyn Mobley

We have a female Chi Apso, she is a sweet little 9 month old. We have had her for 7 months. She is very smart and has learned many commands, but we cannot get her house trained. We have a big backyard and she loves being out. We walk her and play a lot in the backyard. As soon as she is in the house she pees or poops! I am at my wits end on what to do about this behavior. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thank you!

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