Chien De L’ Atlas

The Chien De L' Atlas dog is also known as Aidi, Atlas Sheepdog or Atlas Mountain Hound. Its origin is Morocco. Lean and muscular, this dog is hardy and well-muscled. The ears are shaggy and eyes big which give this dog a very cute look. The head is in proportion to the body and gives the dog some resemblance to a bear. The muzzle is tapered with black or brown nose. The ears are tapered with black or brown tight lips. The coarse and thick, water-resistant coat protects the dog from weather extremes.

The dog has a great scenting sense and it is still used in Morocco in pair with the Sloughi dog for hunting. The Aidi tracks a prey and the Sloughi chases it down.

The Aidi is a medium size dog with a height of around 20 to 25 inches and weight around 55 pounds. It comes in many different colours like black, white, black and white, pale red, beige, tawny,sable, brown and black and tricolor.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC. It is however recognized by FCI, UKC and DRA.

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