Chiens Francaises

The Chiens Francaises is a French dog breed that has descended from ancient and now extinct dog breeds of the Guascone and the Saintonge. The Chien Francais Tricolore breed of dog is a large sized breed of dog that should be powerful in appearance without appearing coarse. They should have a level top line that is slightly longer than they are tall and they should have a slight tuck up. The head should be narrow and long, however, it should be in proportion to the body. The ears should be long and should be slightly curled. The tail of the Chien Francais Tricolore should be long and tapered to a point.

The dog has height between 25 to 28 inches and weight is in proportion to the height.

The coat should be short and dense and should lay close to the skin. They should be tricolor with common hound markings of white, tan and black, although grizzle is allowed. There can be tan or blue specking on the legs and black shading on the face can also be found.

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