The Chippiparai is a sight hound originating in south of India. This dog is similar to the Saluki in resemblance as well as Greyhounds. Mainly used as hunter of wild boars and other small to medium game, the dog has other attributes such as guarding instincts, friendliness and loyalty to its master. Generally aloof to strangers, the dog does not like to be handled, petted for fed by people other than its master or handler. This attitude can be taken care of through proper socialization and training.

The dog is tall and lean with a height between 27-32 inches and weighs around 25-40 lbs. The dog has long, doomed and fine head with small erect or rose shaped ears. Eyes are dark. The body is shorter than tall. The chest is deep with slightly roached back and tucked up belly. The legs are straight and strong while tail is thin and hocked. The coat is short and shiny and the typical color is a silver-grey, with very limited or no white markings. Other colors, particularly variations of grey and fawn, also occur. This is a robust and strong dog that is very resistant to climatic changes.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major club.

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