The Combai is an ancient breed of dog originating in South India. It is named after the town Kombai. History tells us that these hardy dogs have a long history of existence. They were used as hunting dogs since 9th century B.C. It was used to hunt bears, boars, bisons and deer. This ferocious dog is also believed to have taken part in Marudh brother's revolt against British conquerors.

The Combai is similar in appearance to another Indian dog Rajapayalam, only shorter and heavier in built. It resembles Rhodesian Ridgeback in that the Combai sports a ridge of fur on its back that grows in the opposite direction to the growth of hair on the rest of the coat.

A Combai is as intelligent and sensible a family dog as a German shepherd, and as ferocious as Rottweiler to intruders. Temperamentally, the dog is ferocious like a Bull Terrier with a savage temperament. Contrary to common believes, the dog makes an excellent family pet.

The Combai is a medium sized dog that has the appearance of a Dingo. This hardy breed is a noted hunter of deer, wild boar and bison as it is well equipped with an athletic muscular body, strong jaws and powerful legs. The dog has a moderately sized head that is proportionate to the rather short but well developed compact body. The dog has a slightly long tapering muzzle, a black mouth and pendent ears. The long and muscular neck sits on muscular shoulders. The Combai is a short coated breed. This breed normally has a rich red or brown colored coat and a black mask. The Combai is a rare breed. This breed is commonly seen in Tamil Nadu but relatively unknown even in other parts of India. As such the dog is often mistaken as the Rajapalayam. The ridge of fur along the back of a Combai distinguishes the dog from other Indian breeds. High set moderately long tail is carried erect. This once a large population dog is quickly becoming rarer and rarer and is in a danger of extinction.

This dog is not recognized by AKC or any major Kennel club.

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