The Coyote originated throughout North and Central America ranging from Canada, the United States of America including Alaska, North Mexico and South Panama. This breed is a member of the dog family. Their size and shape are like a medium-sized Collie dog, although its tail is round and bushy and is carried straight out below the level of its back.

This breed can be categorized into the Dessert Coyotes and the Mountain Coyotes. The Dessert Coyotes can be commonly found in low desserts and valleys weighing about 20 pounds, less than half of their mountain kin, who can weigh up to 50 pounds. Dessert Coyotes are light gray or tan with a black tip on the tail. However, Mountain Coyotes are found in high elevations. They have a fur that is darker, thicker and longer; the under parts are nearly white, with some specimens having a white tip on the tail. In winter the coats of the mountain Coyotes become long and silky, and trappers hunt them for their fur.

The Coyotes's main diet is meat including fish, frogs, mice, rats, snakes and insects. They also eat other plants, fruits and berries. In human populated areas they have been known to snatch up a kitten or small dog. They have also been known to hunt farm animals taking down the larger animals while working in a pack. They hunt alone when hunting smaller prey such as mice or rats, but when it hunts larger animals they often hunt in packs.

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