Crested Schnauzer

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Breed Attributes


Breed group:     Type: Hybrid    Talent:


Size: Small     Weight: 10-15 pounds     Fur length: Short    Ears: Pointy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Black & Brown, Black & White, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Gray / Salt & Pepper, Light Brown / Golden, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 12-15 years    Rarity: Common    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for cold climate.

Breed Details


The Crested Schnauzer is a cross between Chinese Crested and Miniature Schnauzer. They are common being hairless like their Chinese Crested parent with a strong, squared muzzle and furry face of a Miniature Schnauzer. They are friendly and good with children but needs for monitoring as their leg bones can fracture easily, they should be taken extra care not to handle them too roughly.


They come in variations of different colors from pale pink to black mixed and can be spotted all over with off-white, grey or black combinations.


The coat of these breeds are commonly like of the Hairless Chinese Crested, having a long, coarse hair only in the head, tail and feet with a soft, human-like skin. Some come like the Powder Puff Chinese Crested having a long, soft fur.


The Crested Schnauzer is a smart, playful, energetic and friendly breed. Both parents of these breeds are bred to hunt vermin, so they should be kept on a leash and watched around small animals. However, they go along well with children and other pets raised with them.


These breeds are common at liver disease, kidney stones, skin disorders diabetes and cysts. Hereditary eye problems and dental hygiene are also common. If these these breeds result being hairless, they will need a sun screen with suntan lotion applied especially when they are in the sun for a period of time. They can also be allergic to lanolin and wool and can get severe acne. They love food so it is advised to monitor their food intake, not to overfeed them as they tend to get obese easily. Bath when necessary and rub with a little cream into the skin to keep it smooth and healthy. The non-hairless needs daily brushing taking extra care when the dog is shedding.


Training of these breeds needs to be with a firm, fair and consistent trainer. Early obedience training and socialization is advised, as schnauzers can be headstrong and stubborn. Both parent breeds love to please their owners and thus training should be easy.


These breeds are fast and are full of energy. Most of them enjoys agility training and exercise programs. They will need average daily exercises to burn off their energies. They perfectly suit in an apartment dwelling life.

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