Cretan Hound

The Cretan Hound (also called Kritikos Ichnilatis) is an ancient breed of hunting dogs originating in the Crete Island, Greece. This breed is believed to be the oldest hunting dog breeds in Europe. The dog has history that goes back to some 4000 years back. They were present and used as hare hunting dogs during the prehistoric era of Minoan Civilization. This multi-talented dog can hunt using its exceptional sight, scent, agility, speed and durability skills. With well developed muscular body and long sturdy legs, the dog is able to achieve fast gallops, nimbleness, agility and swift reflexes. It can easily hunt on difficult, harsh terrain and rocky ravines of its birth place. The dog will literally suck the scent of the prey from the ground, follow the trail and flush out the prey from its den with great tenacity. A hound that becomes rigid with the tail moving in circular fashion is a sign that a chase is about to begin. It is quiet while hunting. It gives body language like wagging of tail, the way ears are positioned and facial expressions to indicate progress of the hunting process. The Cretan Hound is a large and slender dog with a height between 27 to 30 inches and weighs any where between 44-66 lbs.

The dog has thin and long wedge-shaped head with broad skull. Pointed muzzle with straight nasal bridge tapers to large nose with wide nostrils. Nose can be black, brown and chestnut. Ears are pricked and eyes are almond shaped. Neck is strong and slightly tapered. The dog has a lean but muscular long body with large chest and retracted legs. Tail is set quite low. The coat is fine, smooth, straight and comes in different colours.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any major kennel club.

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