Cypro Kukur

The Cypro Kukur is an ancient and rare dog breed originating in Kumaon area of India. Also known as Kumaon Mastiff, the dog has a history that goes back to some 300 years B.C. The dog is believed to have been brought in the area by Alexander when he invaded this region. Local people bred this dog as guard dog. The breed is now facing danger of extinction and a very small number of pure Cypro Kukur remain in the area of its origin. It is believed that larger number of this breed are present in Europe than its native country.

Cypro kukur is a large dog with fairly lean, muscular, well-boned bodies. It has a large powerful head and a strong neck . The dog has a short, soft coat that always comes in brindle, ranging from dark to light shades. It may also have white markings. The average height of these dogs is 28 inches. Their appearance has been described to be similar to old Great Danes.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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