The Dalmatian originated in Croatia (around the area of Dalmatia) and was bred to protect their master's territory which commonly would have been a horse-drawn carriage. They were also used as hunting or retrieving dogs and were commonly known as the firefighter's aid. This comes from their original breed purpose which was to lead and make sure nothing was in the way of the trail the fire fighters would take on their way to a fire!

This breed has a very unique coat that has become famous to the general public of today. Their white with black spotted fur and lean, athletic body is needed in their line of work. The Dalmatian has a slender face with a long muzzle and large floppy ears. Their legs are muscular and strong, giving them speed and fortitude while working. These dogs have a long, narrow tail and medium sized boney paws.

The Dalmatian is well known for their tightly bonded relationships with their masters. This breed became very popular when the cartoon movie '101 Dalmatians' premiered but this gave the public false knowledge of their behavior and personality. The Dalmatian is a great pet but can be an anxious breed and should be around adults or older children that will treat the dog with respect and give them their space when it's needed.

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