Decker Hunting Terrier

The Decker Hunting Terrier is working terrier. They are drive when it comes to doing what it views as its job makes it a dog any hunter would be proud to own. They're versatile and love to hunt just about anything that moves which makes them a great choice for many types of hunters, and the fact that they tend to stay close and come back to check on their people is just icing on the cake. Because of their tenacious attitude they are willing to take on prey that may be many times larger than they are, and often don't display any regard for their own safety while doing so. Decker Hunting Terriers are hunted on Squirrel, raccoon, bobcat, deer, feral hogs, waterfowl, upland birds, and vermin.

In recent years, many have begun to breed Decker Rat Terriers primarily as a show dog and companion, without considering a dogs hunting ability before breeding it. The Decker Hunting Terrier Registry is a group of breeders that are dedicated to breeding dogs for hunting ability and temperament, along with conformation, and all around beauty. We are not a group that is against showing dogs, but feel that a dog should have more than just show qualities to be a Decker. Size, temperament, hunting ability, genetic health, conformation, and all around beauty are all needed to be considered a Decker Hunting Terrier. The Decker Hunting Terrier Registry is group of breeders that are concentrating on promoting solid, ethical breeding practices so that future generations can enjoy these fine hunting companions!

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