DenMark Feist

The DenMark Feist is an agile and medium size dog originating in the United States. Contrary to what its name suggests, the "DenMark" is derived from the first names of this dogs' creators, Dennis Willis and Mark Slade. The dog is also known as DenMark Treeing Feist. It is important to note that a Feist (or Fyce) is a type of small hunting dog, developed via crossbreeding of various other hunting breeds in the rural southern United States. Feist can be a type and not a breed.

The Denmark Feist has its beginnings in 1917s when Slade family purchased a Fiest dog. The dog and its descendents stayed within the same family until 1984 when Mark Slade and Dennis Willis introduced the dog as separate DenMark breed. Although, UKC recognized the dog as separate breed in 1998 but soon revised the decision and registered the breed as a strain of Treeing Fiest.

It is a small dog with a height of 15-18 inches and weight between 25-35lbs. The skull is flat and moderately broad. The head tapers slightly towards the muzzle, which is still broad and slightly shorter than the head. The nose is black. The eyes are dark in color. Short drop ears are preferred but tipped ears are also allowed. The neck is of moderate length, tight, and muscular. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The chest is moderately wide and deep. The back is moderate in length and level. The feet are tight, round, and well arched. Most of the DenMark Feist puppies are born bobtailed but a natural tail is just as acceptable. A natural tail is thick at the base, gradually tapering to the tip. When excited, the tail is carried in an upward curve, at all other times the tail is carried straight out behind. The coat is rough, short, and dense. The DenMark Feist may be either solid yellow, solid red, or red and white spotted.

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