Deutsche Bracke

The Deutsche Bracke or the German Hound is a scenthound small to medium size dog breed originating in Germany. It is largely used to hunt both small and large game. The dog is the result of years of hard work that was put into creating a "hound of all works". With this breed, all the hard work has paid off as the dog is not only an apt hunter but it is also a marvelous companion.

From the many varieties of Bracken that originally existed, only one survived in Germany, the Westphalian Bracke. These were interbred with local Steinbracken, and one type evolved, which has been known since 1900 as the Deutsche Bracke, or German Bracke Hound.

The dog is light, elegant yet strongly made hunting dog with a noble appearance. It stands between 17-21 inches and weighs about 35 lbs. It has a fine and long head with slightly doomed skull. Nose is black with a slight pink strip in the center. Dark and clear eyes have friendly expression. Ears are long and broad. Neck is moderately long and strong. Body is rectangular with a deep chest and slightly arched back. This dog?s long and muscular legs give it the ability to run fast and cover a relatively large area of trails. The dark-coloured coat is fine, thin and hard to touch. Colours range from red to yellow.

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