Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge

The Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge is a medium size relatively new bulldog breed originating in England. It was developed by one Steve Barnette in 1980's in an attempt to re-create bulldogs of Victorian Era that would be high in energy, athletic, a bulldog both in appearance and temperament.

The Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge is a medium size bulldog that stands proud and confident. The dog stands between 19-21 inches and weighs between 60-90 pounds. It is a dog with large head with forehead dominating the face. Wrinkles and loose thick skin is evident on face, about throat and side of head. The muzzle is broad, short, deep and strong.Neck is slightly arched, of moderate length and very muscular. Nose is broad with wide nostrils. Ears are wide, set high and can be rose or button shaped. The shoulders are muscular and slightly slopping. Body is compact with short straight back that gives impression of a balanced dog, wide and deep chest along with well sprung ribs. The tail is usually straight or pump handle but can also be found as crank and cork screw. The coat is short, fine textured, smooth and flat and comes in white, brindle, black, slat grey-blue.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major club.

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