Drentse Patrijshond

The Drentse Patrijshond is a medium size gundog originating in the Drenthe province of Netherlands. It is also known as Dutch Partridge Dog or simple "Drent". These dogs have a history of existence that dates back to 16th century. The breed was developed from the Spioenen dogs that came through France from Spain. It is related to the Small Munsterlander and the Epagneul Francais.It holds resembles to both spaniel and setter types of dogs.

The Drentse Patrijshond has a well proportioned body that shows power and ability to develop necessary speed for a gundog. It stands between 23-25 inches with weight in proportion to the height.

The head is large with broad and slightly rounded skull. Muzzle is wedge shaped with a straight and broad nose bridge. Well developed, brown coloured nose has wide open nostrils. Moderate size eyes are oval in shape and set wide apart, usually with amber colour. The expression is kindly and intelligent. Triangular shaped ears are long, set high and hang down the head. Short neck is powerful and without dewlap.The long and muscular legs help the dog achieve great speeds and run effortlessly on difficult terrain. The body is elongated with a medium length back, deep and broad chest, a well sprung ribcage and well muscled strong loin. Tail is long and thick at the base. It is carried horizontally and never over the back. The coat is medium long with feathers on the legs and longer hair on the front of the chest, giving the impression of a longer hair coat. It comes in white with brown or orange markings.

The dog is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC and FCI.

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