The Drever is a compact, short legged scenthound originating in Sweden. It is also known as Swedish Dachsbracke. The dog is agile, powerful and lithe. It has descended from small size German Hound dog, the Westphalian Dachsbracke which was brought to Sweden in 1910 and bred with local hounds to give rise to a dog that was more suitable for Swedish terrain and game. The name "Drever" (from 'drev' which refers to a type of hunt where dog drives the prey towards hunter) was chosen through a new paper contest.

The Drever is a medium size dog with body that is longer than tall. The dog stands between 14-16 inches and weighs between 32-34 lbs. The dog has large head that is longish and tapers slightly towards the nose. The muzzle is well developed with straight nose bridge. Nose is black with wide and open nostrils. Dark brown eyes are full of expression, neither protrude nor stray. Moderate length ears are broad and set neither low nor high on the head and hanging without folds. The neck is long, powerful. Shoulders are muscular and powerful with sloping shoulder blades. The back is straight with straight and parallel and straight hindlegs. Loin is strong and comparatively short. Chest is well developed and oval. Tail is long and broad at the base. It can hang low or carried high but never over the back. Coat is close-fitting, harsh and straight. It can come in any colour but white should be present on front, side and back parts of the body.

The dog is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by CKC, UKC and many other minor kennel clubs and registries.

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