The Elkhound originated in Norway and are an intelligent breed as they hunt alongside their owners while working as a team. They locate their prey by scent and can target them at several kilometers away. The Elkhound barks and gets the attention of the animal until their owner can get a clear shot. Badgers, wolves, moose, mountain lions, lynx, reindeer and rabbits have been known to be the Elkhounds prey.

This breed is one of the oldest dating back to 5000 BC. This breed has many workable talents, hunting being the main job, but also as a sled dog. Their muscular bodies enable them to track, hunt, sled, herd and guard. Despite their hardworking determination, the Norwegian Elkhound make great pets as well!

The Elkhound is a solid, powerful dog with a muscular body and thick fluffy coat. They have a long muzzle and tall pricked upward ears. Their tail is a tight curl and their legs are straight yet strong. Even though this breed has a thick coat, they have relatively no dog smell!

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