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Breed group: Hounding    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 40-65 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: 3 Colors, Black & Brown, Brown & White, Light Brown / Golden


Life Expectancy: About 11-12 years    Rarity: Common    Availability: Easily available    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The English Coonhound is a breed of dog of the coonhound type. These are typically bred in the Southern United States. They are also called as the American English Coonhound or Redtick Coonhound. Their coats come in predominantly three types: redtick, bluetick and a tricolor tick pattern.

These dogs are known for their speed and endurance. They have hunting capabilities that they can do it all night long chasing after a fox or a raccoon. They have the effortless trot which shows off their endurance. In spite of their fierce hunting instincts, the English Coonhound are gentle and relaxed at home with their families. They are very patient and playful with children while they can be friendly even with strangers. On the other hand, they are also alert and watchful. They can, without a doubt, protect their home and family. With the right amount of training, proper socialization and proper leadership, the dog can be well-behaved, sociable and lifelong pal.


The dog's coat color comes in three distinct colors and patterns: the 'redtick' pattern, tricolor markings with ticks and a 'bluetick' pattern. The 'redtick' pattern is the most common of all. The 'bluetick' pattern of this breed is often confused with the Bluetick Coonhounds.


This dog is covered in short to medium and hard hair coat which requires minimal grooming. Brushing and combing with a firm brush at least once a week should be enough for maintenance. The dog is an average shedder.


These dogs tend to be quiet when indoors but they need plenty of exercise. They cannot be trusted with non-canine and small animals as their hunting instinct might include hurting them. Thus, the dog is not recommended for families with small pets but generally they are great with children. As a typical coonhound, the English Coonhounds are well-natured and very sociable books. They can be skittish or aggressive as it is considered a defect of the dog. The dog is strong-willed which requires trainer to have more patience, firmness and consistency. The dog is very suitable as watchdogs for they possess a really loud hound mouths characterized by melodious, drawn out bawls and short explosive chops.


The English Coonhound's short hard coat is very easy to maintain. Brushing and combing with a firm bristle brush should be done regularly to keep their coats looking at its best. Bathing should only be done when it is necessary. These dogs are known to be generally healthy except that they can be prone to hip dysplasia. They are also very sensitive to the cold climate. With a healthy nutrition, regular exercise and occasional visits to the vet for their shots the dog should live for about 11-12 years on the average.


These dogs are trainable; however, it can become a challenging task compared to other breeds as they have an independent mind and also can be willful. These dogs will never respond well to negative or harsh training. As for any dog, a firm, consistent and patient training will be the most effective when training this breed. Make sure that training is done in a well-fenced area to make sure that they are kept in. As dogs with hunter instincts, a new smell will cause the dog to follow their nose.


This dog requires plenty of daily jogs and running to be happy and content. The long walks need to emphasize that the human is the pack leader making the dog heel beside or behind the human and humans walk in and out the doors first. Lack of exercise and proper leadership will cause the dog to become high strung and destructive. These unwanted behaviors could further escalate if not corrected earlier. As hunters, they will take off to follow a new scent, so make sure that they are in a securely fenced area when going off leash. This dog is not recommended for apartment or small space living. They are extremely energetic and will better be able to cope with a large yard.

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