English Foxhound

The English Foxhound originated in England around the 1500's and were primarily used for hunting. They are a type of scent hound most commonly used to hunt fox. This dog is a mixture of many breeds, some of which include the Fox Terrier, Bulldog and Greyhound breed. The English Foxhound's variety of bloodlines serve a purpose to aid them in their speed, durability during a hunt, and intensity of the sport.

The English Foxhound is a slender and athletic dog who gets along well with other dogs, children, and other family pets. They are known to be very energetic and friendly making them great for families or for working. This breed loves human attention and thrives on time with the family.

Tall, muscular and agile, the English Foxhound was bred for its love to run. It is said that they can run literally all day long and only take a few short breaks in between. They have a large muzzle and floppy ears rounded at the tips. The English Foxhound's body is lean and their legs are straight.

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