Estonian Hound

The Estonian Hound is a medium size scent hound originating in Estonia. It is the only breed that was developed in Estonia and is popularly known as Gontchaja Estonskaja in its native country.

The dog is sturdily built with strong bone musculature. It has moderately long and wide skull with strong and straight muzzle. Nose is generally black. Almond shaped eyes are dark brown in colour along with low set, long and dropped ears. Neck is strong and muscular. Body is strong with wide and deep chest and straight, wide and muscular back. Loin is short, muscular and sloped. Tail is sword-shaped and is carried below topline. Shiny coat is rough and short. It comes in blackish-brown, red or saddle-like patch on the dog's back. This dog stands between 17-21 inches and weighs between 33-44 lbs.

The dog was developed in 1947 after Ministry of Economy of USSR decided that every state should have its own dog breed. Several foreign dogs like Beagles, Swiss Hounds (Gewvhnlicher Schweizer Laufhund), Luzern Hounds (Luzerner Laufhund) and Bern Hounds (Dreifarbiger Berner Laufhund) were mixed with local hunting dogs. Mixes of Beagles and Swiss Hounds with local dogs gave rise to a breed that formed the foundation for Estonian Hounds.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major club although work is underway on recognition of the breed by FCI.

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