The Eurasier is a medium size Spitz type of dog originating in Germany. Also called Eurasian or Eurasian Spitz, this medium size dog was developed in 1960 by a breeder, Julius Wipfel, in an attempt to create a wolf-like Spitz type dog with a family temperament. To achieve this goal, the Wolf-Spitz were crossed with the Chow Chow dogs and the resulting dog was called Wolf-Chow but the name was later changed to Eurasier or Eurasian after some Samoyed bloodline was added.

The dog is well balanced and well constructed with excellent temperament to be a family dog. It has a wedge shaped head with moderate skull and flat forehead. Muzzle is tapered with straight nose bridge. Medium size nose has black pigmentation. Dark eyes are medium in size and pricked ears are triangular in shape and medium in size. Medium length neck is strong and muscular. Back is of moderate length with oval and deep chest. Set on high, thick at the base, and tapering towards the tip, the tail is long enough to reach to the hock when it is hanging down.The coat is medium length with loosely lying hair on the body with thick undercoat. It can come in almost any colour. The dog stands between 20-23.5 inches and weighs between 50-70 lbs.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by other major kennel clubs like FCI, ANKC, CKC, UKC, NZKC.

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