Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel originated in England and was bred to retrieve and hunt game alongside their owners. These dogs are a mixture of the Basset Hound, English Springer Spaniel and the Sussex Spaniel which gives them their longer body and shorter height.

This breed has a compact, solidly built body that is slightly longer than it is tall. Their ears are large and floppy which aid in listening for their quiet prey. The Field Spaniel has a large muzzle, to carry game in, and big friendly eyes. Their legs are toned which provides them with agility and speed when retrieving. Naturally this breed has a long tail, but will be docked for show purposes.

The Field Spaniel is a relaxed breed that thrives on the attention and affection they get from their owners. They are sweet and cheerful dogs that will make excellent family pets. This breed adores children and will interact well with other animals. Although their calm nature is evident, they will need socialization extensively as puppies to get to this state. People and other dogs will need to constantly be around this breed for them to learn and become comfortable in various social situations.

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