Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is a medium size hardy dog breed of Spitz type originating in Finland. It is also called Lapinkoira or Suomenlapinkoira. The is an old breed that was used by nomadic people of Northern Scandinavia and Keralian Russia as reindeer herding dogs.

Developed north of Arctic Circle to live and work outside, the dog combines the looks of northern type dog with the temperament of a herding dog. This is an intelligent, alert, agile and eager to learn breed. A typical Finnish Lapphund stands between 18-21 inches and weighs between 33-53 lbs. The head is strong and broad with slightly rounded forehead. Short to medium length erect, triangular shaped ears are set far apart and high on the head. Oval shaped eyes are darker in color but can be lighter in dogs with lighter coat colors. Strong, broad and straight muzzle tapers slightly towards black nose. Medium length neck is strong and muscular and blends smoothly into the body. Back is broad, strong and straight with short and muscular loin and long and deep chest. Ribs are slightly arched. The tail is set on rather high and is covered with a profuse coat. When moving, the tail is carried over the back or side. When at rest, it is often dropped, particularly in females. A mobile tail is desirable. Forelegs and hind legs are strong and powerful. The dog has a profuse coat with outer coat being long and coarse and undercoat short and fluffy. It can come in any color and pattern with a single predominant color.

This breed is recognized by AKC, FCI, ANKC, CKC and UKC among others.

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