Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz originated in Finland and was bred to hunt small game, elk and even bear! They are notorious for their incredibly fast barking and statistically they can bark up to 160 times in one minute. Despite their small size, this breed has mastered their hunting abilities and are so prized that historically their masters would feed them the first hunted game of the day.

This little dog has a compact, athletic body and strong, strait legs that give them their quick stride and long gait. They have a sharp muzzle, large triangular ears, and small circular eyes that give them a constant alert look. The Finnish Spitz has a tightly coiled tail with small rounded paws. Their coat is thick and straight with a variety of light red coloring giving them a similar appearance (face and coat color wise) to a fox.

The Finnish Spitz is a responsive, outgoing and affectionate breed that needs to have their owners acceptance and love in order to thrive. They are loyal and hardworking making them not only great hunters/working dogs, but also excellent companions. They make great family pets because they adore children and will get along with other smaller animals in the household as well as other dogs. Despite their hunting and barking instincts, the Finnish Spitz is not a loud dog nor are they highly prey driven making them easier to raise and train.

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