French Pointing Dog

The French Pointing Dog is one of the two hunting gun dog breeds from France that are popularly used in France. The term 'Braque Francais' effectively refers to two different breeds, one is Braque Francais, type Gascogne while the other is Braque Francais type Pyrenees. These hunting dogs are a type of gun dogs that point to game bird's location for hunters to hunt. The evolution of these two types is due to different needs of the hunters. One group wanted to keep the classic, heavy gundog of old times while on the other hand, another group wanted a lighter, faster and wider-ranging version of of the classic Braque that would be better equipped to hunt increasingly scarce game and to compete with other pointing breeds in the trials.

The Pyreneenian type French Pointing Dog is also known as Bourbonnais Pointer, Bourbonnais Pointing Dog, French Pointing Dog, and French Pointer. It is the variation of the old classic Braque and is lighter, and better equipped to hunt and consequently more popular among French people. It is a rustic dog breed that is sufficiently solid and well muscled while not being to heavy. It has a slightly round head with flat skull and convex muzzle. Nose is chest-nut coloured with wide nostrils. Eyes can be chest-nut brown or dark yellow. Droped ears are set slightly higher than eye levels. Naturally short tail is docked. The dog can achieve very fast speeds through powerful legs and nimble feet. The coat is short and fine and comes in chestnut or chestnut with white colour while fawn or chestnut spotting covers the body.

This dog is hard working, well mannered and friendly to its family. Medium in size but big in character, the dog is an excellent hunter as well as a great family pet.

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