French White and Black Hound

The French White and Black Hound (also known as the Francais Blanc et Noir and the French Black and White Hound) is a large pack hunting dog originating in France. It is a powerful and strongly built breed with a balanced impression. Originally developed to hunt small game, the French White and Black Hound, through resilience and stamina, is capable of hunting larger game like deer. Agile and very fast, the dog in action is a treat to watch while it springily follows a prey and easily covers the ground with big leaps.

The dog has a large head that is in proportion to the body with a slightly doomed and narrow skull. Long muzzle is slightly arched. Black nose has open nostrils while dark eyes hold intelligent and trusting expression. Moderate length ears are set at eye level and slightly curled. Long neck is strong and may have a slight dewlap. This breed has a long firm back, a deep chest that reaches the point of the elbows, a well muscled loin and a flank that is slightly tucked up. The whip like tail has an elegant appearance. Thick at the base, the long tail is carried upright when the dog is hunting. The coat is short and dense with black and white hair. Skin under white hair is white and black under black hair. Most dogs come with a black mantle or saddle.

This breed is developed using three magnificent dogs with an aim to create a super hunting dog with stamina and endurance that would surpass the capabilities of other hunting dogs. The dog was developed in early 1900's by Henri de Falandre through careful crossings between Saintongeois and the Bleu de Gascogne, the two breeds known for powerful, gallop and size and extra ordinary sense of smell respectively. Later the English Foxhound was added to the gene pool to ensure that the new breed will have maximum power and endurance as well as passion for hunting, devotion and docility to its master. This gave rise to this one of the most prized and valued breeds in France.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by some other kennel clubs like KC, FCI etc.

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