Galgo Espanol

The Galgo Espanol is also known as Spanish Galgo or Spanish Greyhound. It is an ancient sight hound dog breed originating in Spain and believed to have originated from Ibizian Hound though other theories indicate that these dogs may have originated from Asian Greyhounds. This breed got enormous popularity with Spanish nobility for its great hunting capabilities. It was also exported to English and Irish soils from 16th to 18th century and are believed to be the progenitors of English Greyhounds of today. An excellent hare and rabbit hunting breed as well as a great competitor at racing, lure coursing and agility competitions, most of these dogs come to a sad end. After the hunting season ends in Spain, these dogs are abandoned or killed by hanging the dog till it scums to death. It can be said that this breed is the most persecuted dog breed in the world.

It is an specialized dog breed to hunt hares. The dog stands between 24.5 to 27.5 inches. It is a fragile looking dog with thin, lean and tall body. The dog has a long, lean and fleshless head. Muzzle is long and narrow with a slight arch to the nasal bone. Black nose is small and moist. Almond shaped eyes are small, set obliquely and preferably come in dark hazel colour. The set on high ears are rose shaped when the dog is at rest and semi pricked when the dog is attentive and alert. Strong and rectangular body gives agile impression to the dog. Straight and long back comes with powerful and deep chest. Strong and arched loin makes the body elastic. Strong based low set tail tapers to the tip. The long tail that falls between the legs and almost touching the ground is a typical characteristic of this breed. The skin is pink coloured under short, fine, dense and smooth coat that may come in almost all colours and markings.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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