German Rough-haired Pointing Dog

The German Rough-haired Pointing Dog is also known as 'Deutsch Stichelhaar' and 'German Brokencoated Pointer' . It is a strong pointing dog with medium to large size and comes in a distinctive stiff, hard coat with moderate beard.

This breed is the oldest German Rough-coated Pointing dog. In 1888, the cynologist Hans von Kadisch managed to prove that this breed is the rough-coated variety of the German partridge dog ('H�hnerhund') and not just another variety of the Short-Haired Pointing Dog. That means, the Deutsch Stichelhaar has not been newly created, but has been re-developed from the very few specimens still found in the country.

The dog stands between 23 to 27 inches and weighs around 44 pounds. The head is in proportion to the body with a slightly rounded and broad skull. Moderately wide long and powerful muzzle has straight nose bridge. The nose is light to dark brown in colour. Moderately set, slightly oval shaped eyes are brown coloured but can be lighter in accordance to coat colour. Yellow eye colour is a fault. Medium length hair are set high and hang down smoothly close to the head. Ears are moderately broad and have rounded tips.Medium length strong neck is slightly arched and widens smoothly into a deep and broad chest. The chest is well developed and has well sprung ribs. Topline is straight and slopes slightly backwards. Back is straight, strong and firm with well muscled loins. Medium length strong-based tail is set moderately; neither too high nor too low. It is either carried straight or slightly bent upwards. The close-fitting coat is stiff, harsh and bristly. It comes in brown and roan colours with or without white or brown patches.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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