German Sheeppoodle

The German Sheeppoodle (also called Schafpudel) is a herding dog breed native to Germany. This medium size fluffy breed is believed to be the result of cross between Pulis and Komondor. It is an energetic and free-spirited breed that is practically extinct with only a very few dogs remaining. This dog stands between 19-24 inches and weighs 50-65 lbs.

It has a strong head with broad skull and long muzzle. Almond shaped eyes are dark and medium in size while ears are broad, long and pendent. Nose comes in either black or coat colour. Slightly arched neck is medium in size and strong. Topline is level with deep and broad chest that comes with well sprung ribs. The back is strong and straight. Tail is carried low. The coat of the breed is long, shaggy and hard to touch. It comes in white, roan and pied colouring.

This breed is not recognized by AKC.

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