German Spitz Small

The German Spitz Small is also known as the German Spitz Toy dogs. It is similar in appearance to its two cousin breeds, the Giant and the Standard or Medium but differs in height and weight. It stands between 9-11 inches and weighs between 18-22 lbs.

The dog has a fox like face with a round head and pricked, triangular shaped ears that are set high and close to each other on the head. The body is equal in length as its height. The legs taper down into tiny feet. Dark eyes are moderate in size. Nose is black but brown is acceptable in dogs with brown coat. Medium length neck is slightly arched and is covered with ruff. Back is short and straight with broad and strong loin. The tail should be high on the rump and should curl up and over the back. The skin is tight all over the body without any wrinkles. This breed has long double coat. Topcoat is straight while undercoat is short, dense and soft to touch. The coat comes in black, white, orange, brown, wolf-grey and other colours.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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