Giant Maso Mastiff

The Giant Maso Mastiff is a new and still a developing breed that is being developed with the aim to produce a healthier version of Old English Mastiff dog that can live longer. Originating in Germany, these dogs have more English Mastiff in them than the other parent breed, the Cane Corso Itliano. The breeding program started in 2001 with crossing between Old English Mastiffs and Cane Corso Italiano.

These dogs have the great size, lovable, gentle, disposition of the Old English Mastiff, with better maternal instincts, higher intelligence, along with more muscle and the protective instincts of the Cane Corso.

The breed comes with a large and square head with a rectangular muzzle. Small brown eyes are set close to each other. The neck is thick and has folds of skin. Chest is deep. The body is strong and muscular that comes with long and powerful legs. Shiny coat is short and sleek and comes in black, gray, fawn, apricot and many brindle variations.

This breed is still in developing phase and is NOT recognized by AKC or other major kennel clubs.

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