Gonczy Polski

The Gonczy Polski is also known as the Polish Scenthound, Polish Hunting Dog and Polnischer Laufhund(German) . It is a strong, well built, supple and elegant dog that has been documented in the Old Polish literature as early as 1300's. This dog is used to hunt boars and deers, and occasionally foxes and hares, in the mountainous and forest regions of Poland. Exact ancestors of this breed are unknown although it is believed that the Polish hound was developed when St. Hubert hounds were crossed with local dogs. It was also speculated that German and Austrian breeds were the ancestors of the Polish Hound.

This is a medium size dog that stands between 19.7 to 21.7 inches and weighs between 55-71 lbs. The dog has a moderate and proportionate head that comes with slightly convex skull. The nose matches the coat colour. The medium size eyes are set obliquely and hold expression of kindness. Eyes can be dark or light in colour, matching the coat. Low set, medium length ears are in line with eye brows. They are triangular in shape and hang down the head. Medium length, well muscled and strong neck is slightly sloping. The dog has a rectangular body that comes with a strong back and broad and well muscled loins. Chest is deep with long and oblique ribs while the belly is slightly tucked up. Bushy and medium length tail is carried low, in a sabre-like fashion when the dog is at rest and carried slightly above the topline when the dog is in action. Coat is harsh and close fitting and comes with an undercoat. Hair on head and ears are soft and short. The coat can be black and tan, red or brown and red with or without tan markings.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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