Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter originated in Scotland and was bred to hunt/retrieve game for their owners. They are thought to be a mixture of the English Spaniel, Land Spaniel and the Spanish Pointer. These dogs originally were bred and used for working alongside their masters on a hunt, but today are more used as either show dogs or family companions due to their sweet nature.

This breed has a lean, toned body with straight muscular legs. Their muzzle is long, possessing a gentle bite which aids in retrieving/carrying game and they have large friendly eyes. The Gordon Setter has big floppy ears and a sensitive nose that enables them to quickly find their prey, as well as a long, slender tail that when in the water acts as a rudder.

The Gordon Setter is a calm, well behaved breed that will make a great family pet. They interact well with children and other pets but will need a lot of socialization as puppies to get to this state. This breed will need to be brought around other dogs/animals and busier public situations to get them comfortable with people and loud areas so they don't become timid adults.

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