The Greyhound is a breed whose origin is somewhat unknown. There are theories stating that the Greyhound is from Egypt. Historians have found different relief's of a breed of dog with the same body shape as that of an early Greyhound.

Other theories state the Greyhound is from England as they believe the breed was introduced to this area in around the 5th century. It is thought that they were owned by the English nobility for entertainment purposes as sporting dogs.

The Greyhound has a slender and lean build. They have a strong neck and small floppy ears. Their legs are muscular and straight making them by far the fastest dog of all, topping out at a staggering 45 mph. They use their speed to their advantage when hunting as they can out run most if not all their prey. This breeds coat colors also aid in their hunting ability as they have a camouflage type coloring. Their main types of prey were boar, deer and geese. Today this dog is used mainly for racing.

Due to the Greyhounds intensity for their work, it is more difficult to own them as pets as they have a constant hunt instinct. Most commonly after a Greyhound reaches the age of 6 or 7, they are euthanized, but many organizations see to it that this routine is put to a stop. This dog will make an excellent hunter, watchdog and racer and pet.

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