Griffon fauve de Bretagne

The Griffon fauve de Bretagne (Fawn Brittany Griffon) is a medium size scent hound, originating in Brittany area in France. This breed is among the oldest French hound breeds and have accompanied hunters since 16th century. These dogs were used to hunt wolves and other game. Once a popular hunting companion, this breed suffered a decline in numbers when wolves became scares. In 1949, a club was formed by to save the breed from extinction and keep its qualities pure. This breed has now established its name among French scenthounds along with its shorter version, the Basett fauve de Bretagne.

This medium size dog is bony and muscular dog that is very adaptable to different terrain. The dog is an active, tireless and weather resistant breed that shows in compassionate attitude when hunting. It stands between 19-22 inches. The dog has long and broad skull with a slightly tapering muzzle. Black or brown coloured nose has wide open nostrils. Lively and expressive eyes are neither deep set nor protruding and come in brown colour. The fine ears are set in line with the eyes and are moderately long. Neck is rather short but well muscled. The short backed body has deep and broad chest with rounded ribs and broad and muscular loin. Medium length tail is carried in a sickle fashion. The tail is carried above the top line when the dog is in action. This breed has a unique shaggy coat that often comes in pale colouring.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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