Griffon Nivernais

The Griffon Nivernais (also called Chien de Pays) is an ancient scenthound breed originating in France. The Griffon Nivernais that is seen these days are actually a reconstruction of the ancient dogs of 14th century. The original and much larger Nivernais were kept by French noblemen and were used to hunt wolves and wild boars but they vanished during French revolution. The breed was reconstructed in 1925 using Grand Griffon Vendeen as foundation breed and mixing bloodlines of Otterhound and Foxhound breeds.

The modern Griffon Nivernais stand between 21.5-24.5 inches. The dog comes with moderately long head and flat skull. Of same length as skull, the muzzle tapers slightly towards predominant black nose. Lively, piercing and very expressive eyes can be dark or light in colour. Long, supple and fine ears are attached at eye level and hang down the head, reaching nose when drawn outwards. The slightly rectangular body has a rather narrow but long and solid back. Deep chest descends to level of the elbows. Moderately long tail is set high, well furnished and carried in a saber fashion. A distinct shaggy coat covers the body and comes in grizzled fashion.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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