Hairless Khala

The Hairless Khala is also known as Pila. The dog is an ancient and native breed of Latin America, from Mexico throughout Central and South America. They have only recently been recognized as a separate dog breed and given the name Khala which means 'without clothing' in the language of the Quechua Indians. It is found in two varieties, the shorter legged Medio (potteryType) and long legged Grand (Gazehound type). Both the types are recognized under one name; the Hairless Khala. The difference between the two types is more in substance than in size. The Medio stands between 15-17 inches weighing 15-30 lbs while Grand stands between 17-20 inches and weighs between 18-30 lbs.

The Medio type is powerful yet graceful in appearance and Grand type is similar to sighthounds. Generally both types have long and wide head, shorter muzzle and large, thin and wide ears. Eyes are large and dark in colour. Body is long, strong with deep chest and well sprung ribs. Long tail tapers to the tip.

This breed is rather unknown outside its origin and is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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