Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound (also known as Hamiltonst�vare and Swedish Foxhound) is a medium size hunting breed that originated in Sweden. It is named after its developer, Count Adolf Hamilton, who crossed German hounds with English Foxhounds, Swiss Scenthounds and Harriers.

This dog has a well proportioned, rectangular body that gives impression of immense strength and stamina. It is uniquely identifiable by white blazes on head, down the neck, white four paws and a white tail tip. The dog stands between 21-24 inches and weighs between 50-60 lbs with bitches being lighter and shorter. Males and females have clearly defined differences. The breed comes with a longish head and moderately broad, slightly arched skull. It has moderately long and square muzzle with a straight nose bridge. Always black and well developed nose has wide nostrils. Dark brown eyes hold a calm and serene expression. Moderate size ears are set high, soft and hang flat. When drawn forward, the ears should not reach half-way along the muzzle. Long neck is strong with supple and close-fitting skin.

The dog has level, powerful back, a muscular and slightly arched loin as well as a broad long croup. Long and deep chest is well developed and has moderately sprung ribs. Belly is slightly tucked up. The tail is set level with the back. It has a thick base and tapers towards the tip. It is carried either in straight position or slightly curled up, in a saber like fashion but never above the backline. This breed has moderately long, harsh and close-fitting coat that comes in striking tri-colouring. Over all appearance of this dog is that of a hardy, sound, handsome, upstanding dog of striking colouring.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by most major kennel clubs like FCI, UKC, KC, NZKC & ANKC.

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