The Harrier originated in England. They are a mixture of Greyhound, Fox Hound, Fox Terrier, Basset Hound and Blood Hound. Its exact blood lineage is not quite known but a cross of these breeds are what is most commonly agreed upon.

The Harrier has the look of a Beagle but with the body of a Fox Hound. They were bred to hunt foxes but more commonly, rabbits which is where their name comes from: Hare. This breed is a scent hound that relies solely on their noses to find their prey.

The Harrier is a medium sized dog with a square head and floppy ears. They are athletic and muscular giving them great endurance and speed while on the chase. The Harrier enjoys being around people, other dogs, and children. Smaller pets such as cats however will need to be monitored around this dog as they are considered prey due to their size. This breed is a loving and energetic companion that would make a great family pet.

The Harrier is not as well known in the United States as it is primarily used and bred in England for hunting. Like all hounds enjoy, this breed like to bark and when they have caught or located their prey, will even bay like a Beagle.

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