Himalayan Sheepdog

The Himalayan Sheepdog or "Bhutey Kukur" as it is called in the country of its origin, Nepal, is a flock guardian mountain dog. Being among the ancient breeds of this region, the dog has been a loyal servant to shepherds of Nepal and Tibet who have been using this large sheepdog to herd, drive and protect their flock from predators. This rare breed is loyal, courageous and an excellent guard dog.

Although the Himalayan Sheepdog resembles the Newfoundland and the Tibetan Mastiff, it is lighter and shorter with a height between 26-32 inches and weight between 62-84 lbs. It is a heavy-boned dog with a muscular and athletic body. The dog comes with a medium to large head, broad skull and medium length muzzle. Almond shaped eyes are medium size and triangular shaped ears are moderate length. The dog has a long double coat that comes in different colours like, black, brown but white colour is the rarest.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or other major kennel clubs.

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