Hokkaido Dog

The Hokkaido Dog is also known as Ainu Dog, Hokkaidoken, Hokka�do, Ainu-Ken and Ainu Inu. It is among the oldest dog breeds in japan. This breed was first bred by indigenous Ainu people to hunt salmon, deer and bear. Despite thier strong link with Ainu people, the breed is commonly called Hokkaido by common Japanese people.

This dog is medium in size with a size of 20 inches and weight around 65 pounds. It has a thin, sturdy and muscular body. It has erect ears and small eyes. The forelegs are straight and lean with hindquarters covered with harsh and straight double coat. Coat comes in sesame, brindle, wolf gray, red, brown, white and tan.

Though typically used for hunting purpose, this dog is very faithful to its owners, fearless and brave. Despite a hunting background, it combines its hunting instincts and faithfulness to its owners to become a very good house pet.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC. It is recognized by FCI, NKC, CKC, APRI, ACR and DRA.

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