Hungarian Kuvasz

The Hungarian Kuvasz (also known as Kuvasz) is probably one of the oldest of all breeds. Some says that the Kuvasz has been known since 200 B.C., at the age of the Huns. Other says that it was used as a sheepdog and accompanied the Turkish refugees in Hungary when the Mongols invaded them in 1200.In the fifteenth century, the Kuvasz was often given as royal gifts.

The King Matyas is said that he only trusted his Kuvasz dogs and not humans. After the King's death, the dog returned to being only a sheepdog. Many have been trained to hunt bears and wild boars.

This breed may have contributed to several sheepdog breeds like the Great Pyrenees, the Anatolian Shepherd, the Marema Sheepdog and the Tatra Sheepdog.

After World War II, there was only 30 Kuvasz left in the world, but with the perseverance of many breeders, the Kuvasz has been repopulated in Hungary.
This breed is recognized by AKC and other major kennel clubs.

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