Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier originated in Ireland and were bred to hunt rodents and otters but can also be used for retrieving. Today they are primarily companion dogs but still have their hunting instincts! Their most obvious ancestors were the Black and Tan Terriers that originated in Britain.

This breed has a long rectangular muzzle and small floppy ears. Their body is lean yet muscular and their legs are straight but toned to allow them quick starts to hunt down their prey. Naturally their tail is long and slender but for show purposes will be docked. The Irish Terrier has a scruffy appearance but was intentionally bred to have these characteristics.

These dogs are brave, temperamental yet completely free-spirited. They have a deep connection with their owners and will show affection and loyalty to them at all times. These dogs are curious little creatures and enjoy exploring new territory as well as hunting for small animals because they have such a very high prey drive!

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