Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound originated in Ireland, just as its name suggests. They were used to hunt wolf and were very capable of doing so as they are a large, agile breed that hunts using their sight. They are considered the largest dog in the world as they can grow up to a whopping 35 inches high!

The original blood lines of the Irish Wolfhound came from a dog called the Cu. They were used to hunt boar, elk and wolves as well. They were dogs owned by Irish nobility and were given as presents to royalty. This breed was so efficient that they eventually killed off wolves entirely in Ireland. From then on they were seen less and less as their job had been done!

The Irish Wolfhound is a regal and athletic breed of dog with a famously shaggy coat. They are an extra large breed that is gentle and sweet although they may not look it. They love people, children, and if raised with smaller pets will co-exist well as they are very loyal and love to be part of the pack.

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